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Services Provided

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Intranet Site Developers

The biggest challenge to any small or medium-sized business is having every element of your business enterprise easily available to your employees in one single digital location.


Easy Search. Easy Find. Easy Done.


Human Resources. Training and Development. Employee Engagement. Document Management.

Marketing. Scheduling. Forms. On-Boarding. Ordering. Benchmarking. Strategic Planning.

Welcome to your very own customized intranet workspace.


Below are samples of the industries that we serve and the sites we have built to drive organizational Excellence and Operational Efficiency. Click an icon and navigate the site.

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Workplace / Digital Solutions

BoomerWrangle takes digital workplace solutions to the next level with our powerful mobile-friendly and desktop applications. These apps automate workflow with a remarkable user interface coupled with a logical data flow that creates a seamless experience to simplify your work, your processes and your customer experience. 


Examples are our “Garden on the Go” app that tracks every step of a special order for your customer or our “Maintenance Request” tracker that streamlines all maintenance requests for your business.

Taking manually performed tasks and migrating to digital workplace solutions saves hours upon hours of time for your rapidly expanding business enterprise.From digitizing forms (time-off requests, sales entry, employee recognition and more) to streamlining scheduling, ordering, deliveries and maintenance, BoomerWrangle has you covered. 

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Consulting Services

John offers a wide range of organizational development skills for companies, associations, and agencies. From executive coaching and leadership development to strategic planning and accountability, if there is a need for alignment, vision, intention and execution, John Kennedy Consulting will navigate your team through the process. John Kennedy has facilitated his “Corporate Advance” (“retreat” means the opposite of “advance!”) program to over 100 organizations, associations and agencies committed to forward-thinking and strategic planning. His “Start Moving Mountains” platform is utilized by each of his strategic planning clients and is the very best way to drive engagement, accountability, and execution of your game plan.

Over the last 25 years, John has presented nearly 2,000 seminars, workshops, and keynotes to conferences and companies around the world. Whether it’s to motivate the audience, inspire and educate the team, or offer practical success tools for personal & professional development, John takes the time to learn and understand the culture and the audience to customize your presentations specifically for the moment and for the future. 

Learn More About John Kennedy Consulting...

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Benchmarking & KPI's

There’s an old saying—"You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure.”

And another that states—“You Can’t Expect What You Can’t Inspect.”

That’s where benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators lead the way.

From CEO dashboards and data visualization to employee engagement surveys and  business category benchmarking, BoomerWrangle designs, develops and delivers all of the digital assets your industry, association or business desires.

We work hand-in-hand with your team to create the perfect balance of form and function to return to you the data you need to make the best decisions in an easy to understand and user-friendly interface. 


“Data Drives Decisions” and BoomerWrangle Drives Your Data...

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